Main menu of

screenshot of menu

The header of can be seen as a main menu which enables a navigation to following eight subareas:

  1. MyDesktop
    Includes the personal pages 'MyProjects', 'MyPreferences', 'MyResults' and 'MyReviews'.
  2. Find
    Leads to 'Explore', 'Search' and 'History'.
  3. Showroom
    Leads to 'Showroom' where you can discover all kind of charts, visualize the tree used for coding, explore events in space & time - projected on a globe or in euclidian space or expore naural events curated by Nasa out of imagery in near real time.
  4. Find
    Check out results of other users or write something about the reults of your own project for other users or the public.
  5. About
  6. Translation
  7. Language
  8. User Profile


Create a new project

To create a new project follow MyDesktop > MyProjects.

screenshot of myProjects

Click on the symbol next to "Projects of your Name"

Create Subproject

Here you can find general information about your projects. To add a new project press Create Subproject.

screenshot of project details

Add required information about your project and press Create at the bottom of the page.

screenshot of create subproject

Now you can find your new project here: MyDesktop > MyProjects.

Add a source

An empty project looks like this. To start working you first have to add a new source.

screenshot of Event List
  1. Click Add Source
  2. Choose a type of document and add information
  3. Click Save
Create Source Dialog

Edit a quote

You can edit a quote by clicking on the pencil next to the quote.

Quote before edit

Type in the quote text you want to use and press Save.

Edit Quote

Reload the page. Now you can see the updated quote in your project.

Quote after edit


screenshot of menu

An event contains three types of information:

  1. Period (green)
  2. Position (red)
  3. Coding (blue)

Modify Period

To modify the period click on the pencil icon next to the current date or 'missing date'.


Choose period and add the description from the quote. Press Save.


Modify Position

To modify the position click on the pencil icon next to existing location or 'missing position'.


Choose position and add the description from the quote. Press Save location.

If the position doesn't exist yet you can create a new location.


Modify Coding

To modify the coding click on the pencil icon next to existing content or 'missing code'.


Choose suitable coding from the coding tree and add the description from the quote. Press Save.


Reload the website. The coded event is now highlighted with colors.


Copy Event

To add a further event in the same quote click on the copy icon .


Modify the period, position and coding where needed as described in the previous section. Then reload the website again.

Each event highlights it's own coded text pieces in bright colors while the coding in other events is marked in light colors.


Copy Quote

To add another quote from the same source click on the copy icon next to the quote.


Edit the quote and press Save.

screenshot screenshot

Now you can code the event as described before.




This is very minimal "hello world" HTML document.

  1. Navigation menu
  2. Own projects
  3. Public projects of other users or projects which your are joining as member
  4. Configuration

Work in your project


This is very minimal "hello world" HTML document.

  1. Navigation menu
    Here you can navigate to project description, list the sources related to the listed events or add new sources to expand your source material.
  2. Filter menu
    By querying your events with text strings, you can filter the listed events or add other filter criteria from the submenu 'Add Searcg' for more sophisticated filter methods./br>
  3. List of events
    Here your have an overview of events according to your navigated project.